Since 2015 I have been teaching ethics, mostly to biology and biomedicine students, in different undergraduate and graduate programs at Uppsala University and Stockholm University, Sweden. Below are listed some of the courses in which I have been involved more consistently besides many seminars, ethical discussions, casual lectures etc.

Research ethics


PhD level


2017 – 2019 in the Research Ethics and Philosophy of Science course, Uppsala University

Master level


2015 – 2022 in the Radiotherapy Physics and Biology course, Stockholm University

2019 – 2022 in the Population and Community Ecology course, Uppsala University

Environmental ethics


Master level


2019 – 2022 in the Applied Ecosystem Ecology course, Uppsala University

Bachelor level


2017 – 2022 in the Environmental Science course, Uppsala University


Animal ethics


Bachelor level


2016 – 2022 in the Biology Debate course, Uppsala University

2015 – 2016 in the Core Curriculum in Biology, Uppsala University